Our Mission

At PS 446 the Riverdale Avenue Community School we believe that Resilience + Awareness + Collaboration = Success! As a neighborhood school, we see all of these components as being intrinsic parts of the neighborhood community itself. We are resilient against challenges that may arise, no matter how large or small. We are aware of ourselves and those around us, and seek to gain greater understanding and enlightenment whenever possible. Through our collaborative efforts, we come together to form a stronger unit and learn all that we can from each other. The combination of these efforts leads to success, both individually and as a community at large.

It is incumbent on all of us to work together to ensure that the needs of students, parents, and staff are met. We are a focused learning community, where knowledge and self improvement are our driving forces. We expect our students to constantly be learning, acquiring new skills, and encountering new experiences. Our staff works daily to ensure that these kinds of opportunities are being provided to students, and


that they are seeking out opportunities to enhance their own personal and professional lives. As their child’s first teacher, parents are our number one partner in this work. We will come together to work with parents to ensure that the needs of our students are being met, and to provide support to parents in any way possible.

Our primary commitment every day is to our students and their overall success. We define success and opportunity as the intersection of academic skill and extracurricular experience. Teachers and staff will work together to ensure that students are being given the kinds of learning opportunities that address individual strengths and areas of growth. Community partnerships will provide students with the kinds of broad experiences that will enable them to develop into unique individuals, with passions, abilities, and interests.