Brownsville’s own RACSteppers from the Riverdale Avenue Community School (P.S. 446) took home a first place win in the 2016 National Step League’s Step Competition.

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The RACSteppers is a step team comprised of students from grades 3-5 at Riverdale Avenue Community School in Brownsville, Brooklyn. What began as a fun after-school activity in October 2014 quickly developed into a team of mature, disciplined and focused individuals who embody the school’s core values of Resilience, Awareness, Collaboration, and Success — which is why the acronym is right there in their name.


When RACSteppers first began, they performed exclusively at school events, but they slowly ventured into exhibition events and other features where their steps could be seen a large community. The team has continued to develop since that time, improving their craft and technique through hours and hours of practice for hours each week.

This year, the team had the privilege to compete in various competitions across New York City — and beyond.

As a result of their success, the RACSteppers qualified for U.S. National Step League Competition. Thanks to the overwhelming support of the school community, as well as generous gifts from GoFundMe and Donor’s Choose, the steppers along with their coaches and chaperones were able to fly down to Atlanta for the national competition — some of them for the very first time on a plane or out of state.


Over the weekend of June 17, the RACSteppers took the stage in Atlanta, Georgia to compete at the National Step League’s “Break the Stage” step competition. There were over 34 teams from all over the country and the RACSteppers competed in the elementary division. Their ability to convey their message in a creative way that utilized a combination of steps, stunts and dance moves won the hearts of the audience and the judges, resulting in a first-place award for the elementary division — a particularly remarkable feat, considering that this was the RACSteppers’ first time in a national competition.

We hope you’ll joins us in celebrating the RACSteppers’ hard work — we couldn’t be more proud of them!

Check out the RACSteppers moves in the videos below.