Get to Know Our Staff


Meghan Dunn, Principal
Renee Martin, Assistant Principal
Christina Yancey, Parent Coordinator
Sarah Bajana, Community Associate
Sharon Blakis, Secretary

Pre-Kindergarten Team

Mr. Dunn
Ms. Rossitto
Ms. Grubbs

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Boone
Mr. Capobianco

1st Grade Team

Ms. Yannella
Ms. Spinelli
Ms. Battiloro

2nd Grade Team

Ms. Henson
Ms. Dirado
Ms. Ymaya
Ms. Thornton

3rd Grade Team

Ms. Biase
Ms. Luft
Ms. Bernard
Ms. Sherrier

4th Grade Team

Ms. Glover
Mr. O’Gara
Ms. Vasquez
Ms. Charles


Ms. Holmon
Ms. McClough
Ms. Smith
Ms. Burkett


Ms. Cooke, Dance
Mr. Fortuna, Gym
Coach Asha, Playworks
Ms. LeBlanc, Art

Instructional and Student Support

Ms. Coley, Instructional Coach
Ms. Saunders, Student Support Coordinator
Ms. Hewett, Reading Recovery
ESL, Ms. Dewing

School Based Support Team and Related Service Providers

Ms. Gross, Psychologist
Ms. Sosa, Social Worker
Ms. Zeigler, Family Worker
Ms. Pinchinat, Occupational Therapist
Ms. Nixdorf, Speech/Language Therapist
Ms. Lauff, Physical Therapist
Mr. Halioua, Guidance Counselor

Partnership With Children

Mr. Amir
Ms. Jaclyn
Ms. Kristyn
Ms. Katie