We’re Hiring!

Riverdale Avenue Community School is currently seeking certified staff members who…

  • Have a passion for teaching and a commitment to the success of all students
  • Are committed to staying or “looping” with their students for multiple grades
  • Demonstrate student achievement and expertise in their content area
  • Are willing to assume multiple roles, learn new skills, and work in a collaborative environment
  • Have experience using technology as way to increase productivity and student participation in all aspects of the school community

Our staff…

  • Work in a collaborative environment where there is a collective sense of responsibility towards students and families
  • Are vital to the school’s mission and direction, and work in tandem with school leaders to make decisions that affect the school community at large

For more information, or to find out how to submit an application, please email hiring@riverdaleavenuebrooklyn.org


1 comment on “We’re Hiring!”

  1. Nina Trujillo Reply

    One of the best schools in Brownsville Brooklyn NY best teachers for the 2nd grade where Ms. Lluft and Ms. Estephaine and Ms. Cheek’s was the best aid even though my son was not getting the aid he loves her and the Ms.Nicole with the bussing and of DHS the social worker Mr Amir was asboultey the best at his job he really left am impact on the way Robert has adjusted to a more urban school and he really wants to go back to the School for the new year but the department of education will not allow him even if I pick him up. So sad we have to say goodbye but we will be back to visit the school we love also Ms Yancey and Ms. Dunn the head woman in charge of the school . Thank you for your time and support .. sincerely Robert Velazquez mother and step father. And of course from Robert

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